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Unreal by shiari
Yam here is one of my former foster kittens. No one really knows what's going on with her face, but her nickname at work was "chernobyl kitten".  I love her a lot, and I hope she is adopted soon... but the longer I look at her the more she creeps me out because she looks fake. O_o
Medusa by shiari
One of six babies in the middle of the pile. These anery corn snakes are part of my 'sweetcorn' project, which is basically breeding specifically for temperament rather than color type. So far the babies from this clutch have, in general, been astoundingly docile.  I'll be keeping back at least a pair.
Looking through a window. by shiari
Looking through a window.
Sooo.... take a look at that view of the iris and pupil, would you? I've never seen that before, and think it's utterly fascinating that that is how a corn snake's eye looks.

This little boy is a platinum most likely (hypo charcoal anery).
Eye see you. by shiari
Eye see you.
This is probably the eye of a world's first corn snake morph; a Bansidhe. This little snake is probably a hypo lavender charcoal anery. Four recessive traits in one. Can't wait for it and it's other interesting sibs to shed so I can get a better idea of who is staying with me, and what they are.
The best sight. by shiari
The best sight.
Really, to me this is the best sight ever. Please meet little Bramble, my most recent foster kitten. She is estimated to now be 4 days old and I've had her for the last 2 days.

She was named Bramble because of the massive 'tude she had when she arrived at my work. At 2 days old she was hissing and spitting at everyone. That level of feisty drew me to her and despite earlier saying I wasn't raising anymore kittens this year, I had to lay claim. After the 12 hours it took her to understand what the bottle was for, the hissing stopped and she is now a giant pile of purring, biting/suckling fluff. She does have a few superficial injuries (one on her side, and one on her tail) but she seems to be doing well.

I'm really looking forward to watching her develop into her super dark siamese-y self.


Despite what nearly all the online 'kitten milestone' guides tell you, kittens CAN purr before they are 2 weeks old. They can purr the day they are born, it simply sounds more like 'pop pop pop' than a proper prrrrRRRRRRrrrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr.


shinoarii at large! wark!
United States
I'm a Registered Veterinary Technician living in the state of California. I have way too many pets, and the majority of them are 'broken'. I am also a hobby breeder of corn snakes, which are far and away my favorite reptile.

Current Residence: In Sanity
Favourite genre of music: Celtic
Operating System: OSX
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Kenshin; Kyounichi
Personal Quote: Shrr niieanarrnaasaan fu'urr skrrt et vrrasa lahss skrrt la'a'ssarrs.
Massive life changes over the last year. Was voluntold to transfer to a different VCA which resulted in me quitting 4 months later. I spent 12 years with that company, very angry at how I was treated. I now work at the local humane society. Have had quite a few foster animals in the mean time, Kisses the pitbull, and Parsnip, Rosemary, Marsh, Mallow, Cilantro, Chives, Potato, Yam, Turnip and Jicama for kittens. Been un-enjoying the fact that I've apparently developed clinical depression with occ. rapid cycling between manic and depressive episodes. This new facet of my brain is a pain in the ass and making it almost impossible to get up the energy to accomplish anything. Fun times. Not.

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